General Public Agency
Aldgate Public Realm Strategy

The area of Aldgate marks the point where the intense commercial activity and density of the City of London meets the diverse communities and cultural vibrancy of Tower Halmets. There are many groups and organisations actively involved in the area, which straddles two local authorities. For Aldgate to assert its identity as a centre, rather than a place perceived to be on the fringe of the City, a cohesive vision was required to work within the many overlapping planning, policy and development strategies relevant to the area

Following a fine grain analysis of Aldgate and its surroundings, General Public Agency produced a detailed public realm strategy for a client group that included both local authorities, Design for London, a developer with significant interest in Aldgate and key local organisations. The APRS will steer future proposals, ensuring they integrate with the strategic vision and needs for the wider area. The report has enabled the Corporation of London and Tower Hamlets to work together across borough boundaries; it has been used to inform improvements to the public realm that can be made via section 106 and has also been adopted as the model for the western section of the High Street 2012 strategy.

May 2007 – September 2008
Design for London, London Borough Tower Hamlets, Corporation of London, Exemplar Properties; London Metropolitan University, Transport for London, Whitechapel Art Gallery
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Aldgate is Changing - Contribution to London Open City Exhibition, Somerset House (see video in alternative format)

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