General Public Agency

General Public Agency was commissioned to produce a Social and Cultural Survey of Aldgate - to the East of the City of London in Tower Hamlets – in order to inform strategic thinking and masterplanning around public space and local identity within Exemplar Properties’ emerging Goodman’s Field development.

Intensive research of the wider Aldgate area was undertaken to assess local needs and existing character and to allow sensitive and meaningful integration of new residential and commercial development. Through a process that examined cultural activity, community profile, healthcare, sport, retail, education and faith, GPA demonstrated that, although the area had been fractured by previous developments, there was rich local provision and activity which presented an excellent opportunity to bring improvement and change which enhanced Aldgate’s existing local character.

As a result of the survey, a demand-driven programme of activities and amenities to accompany the Goodman’s Fields development was conceived in partnership with existing local organisations. Strategic partnerships were forged between Exemplar and local organisations and stakeholders identified by GPA, which embedded Exemplar’s position in the neighbourhood.

August 2006 - February 2008
Exemplar Properties
IMAGES: Aldgate Social & Cultural Survey
Aldgate Social & Cultural Survey