General Public Agency
Camden Play Pathfinder

General Public Agency was chosen by London Borough of Camden (LBC) to help manage and deliver their Play Pathfinder project. LBC had received £2.2 million from the Department of Children, Schools and Families to develop 29 natural play spaces across Camden, with the first twelve delivered within seven months of the project starting.

GPA's role included: helping LBC choose appropriate sites and match design teams to each site through a process of tendering and interview; Preparing briefs for each site, and advising LBC on design quality; Ensuring consultation was handled in a way that took into account the potentially conflicting interests of the stakeholders (councillors, tenants' associations, schools); Disseminating the concept of natural play.

August 2008 – August 2009
London Borough of Camden
Adventure Playground, Hamburg, photographed by Nils Norman
Adventure Playground, Hamburg, photographed by Nils Norman